About Me

About Me and what I do:

For over 10 years now I have been printing my images on different medium.  It was my mother that first gave me the idea to print my photography on coasters.  I didn't think that was a great idea at first but decided to try it anyway.  However, the trick was figuring out where to begin to even do such a thing.  At the time, there were places online to have this done, but for me, the one who steps outside the box frequently, I needed and wanted to learn how to do this myself.  After a very long trail and error period, I finally got to the place and wanted and needed to be to create and sell my handmade coasters. Once I did - Success! I couldn't believe how many people actually loved coasters.  This lead me to start learning and creating more items until I am where you see me today; willing, able, and EXCITED to sell to you! Everything I do is handmade by me, except for engraved items when I start that product line (in the future). My name is Donna Zellars and this is my short story to hopefully a very long career.

The Price is Right

Every so often I will have discounted items for sale, contest, and/or free stuff. Yes - sometimes I just give stuff away, why not, everyone loves free stuff.

20% Discount

Customers can receive a 20% on most orders when purchasing a minimum of 5-10 quantities.  (This will be posted on qualifying item pages soon.)  Until then please feel free to email me with questions if you see an item you would like a 20% discount on (5-10 quantities).